New Online Course on Fake News and Propaganda

by Will

The online course I co-created at the University of Michigan is now available online for free at Coursera! Full details below.

We are excited to
announce a new Teach-Out: Fake News, Facts, and Alternative Facts, which begins Monday, October 2, and we hope you will consider sharing this opportunity with your “Investigative Journalism, Spies, Traitors, Heroes” students.

In this free Teach-Out, learners will discuss how to:
  • Distinguish between “news” and other forms of information
  • Evaluate the credibility of information claims
  • Identify psychological biases and logical fallacies that influence how we interpret information
  • Critically examine a news story and identify how it was produced
Teach-Outs are short learning experiences, each focused on a specific current issue. Attendees will come together over a few days not only to learn about a subject or event but also to gain skills. Teach-Outs are open to the world and are designed to bring together individuals with wide-ranging perspectives in respectful and deep conversation. These events are an opportunity for diverse learners and a multitude of experts to ask questions of one another and explore new solutions to the pressing concerns of our global community.
Best regards,
The Academic Innovation Team

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