Netflix Features New Documentary on Veganism

by Will


I was interviewed for a new documentary on veganism and animal rights, which I’m excited to announce is now available on Netflix worldwide.

When Netflix picked up documentaries like Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy, it resulted in tens of thousands of people being exposed to how animal agriculture affects our health and the planet. Now, Live and Let Live by Marc Pierschel will undoubtedly do the same. It features and open rescue by Animal Equality and interviews with leading activists and thinkers about these issues.

One Green Planet writes:

The film aims to educate and inspire people to consider eating vegan from every possible angle. The film includes interviews with professors of ethics, activists, and athletes, including social psychologist Melanie Joy and investigative journalist Will Potter. It also delves into the positive impact eating vegan can have on the environment and it’s got some pretty majestic shots of farm animals in golden sunlight that are undeniably beautiful.

Hope you’ll consider it for your next Netflix and chill…

Live and Let Live – Trailer from Blackrabbit Images on Vimeo.

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