TED Live Interview About How to Keep Your Online Data Safe and Secure

by Will

ted live interview potter soghoian
I was in Banff, Canada this week for the TED Summit, and was invited by TED to host a Facebook Live broadcast about privacy and surveillance.

I sat down with Chris Soghoian, principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union. Chris is a leading authority on privacy, surveillance, and protecting your personal data.

He gave a talk at the TED Summit that was very well received (and hopefully will be online soon). In the meantime, we spoke about what we all can do to better protect our personal information.

It was a great conversation, and special thanks to everyone on Facebook who was asking questions and participating (TED said this interview had the highest viewer engagement of any live broadcasts they’ve done so far!)

You can watch the full interview on TED’s Facebook page here. There’s also a longer transcribed version.

ted live interview potter soghoian facebook

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