“Ag-Gag Me with a Spoon”

by Will

“One day, Amy Meyer went to see a slaughter-house near where she lived, and she ended up becoming the United States’ first ag-gag criminal.”

Those lines from Bleeped host Matthew Billy really capture what ag-gag laws are all about.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Matt and talk about how these new laws make it illegal for journalists, undercover investigators, and community members like Amy to take photographs or video recordings of what happens on factory farms.

It was for an episode of his podcast, Bleeped, which is about censorship “and those who stand up to it.” It’s a great podcast, combining thoughtful research with an engaging, narrative-driven format.

I hope you’ll check out the episode, below, and subscribe as well.

And if you want to learn about ag-gag and the issues I raise in the show, my ag-gag page is a great place to start.

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