New Documentary About Activists Imprisoned as Terrorists for Bringing a Corporation to Bankruptcy

by Will

“The Animal People” Documentary

A small group of protesters brought a multinational corporation to financial ruin (multiple times) through a controversial, but nonviolent and lawful, protest campaign. The animal experimentation industry was so rattled by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty that they united, internationally, and put pressure on the FBI to treat them as terrorists, on the Justice Department to send them to prison, and on Congress to pass new laws like the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which go even further.

This documentary, “The Animal People,” has been a long time coming. Folks say that time and distance are supposed to make things easier to process. I think they’ve only made it harder. It’s tough to find words beyond that.

This story is more important than ever. This is the playbook, folks. This is how dissent becomes terrorism. I really hope having someone like Joaquin Phoenix on board helps get this the attention it deserves. Please seek this out and watch. Proud to be part of this.

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